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Multiple files selection is missing.#65

Adding a checkbox and action menu to deleete or copy or move multiple selected files in the same action.
Menu title: “Your files”.
Section: General Interface Layout

10 months ago

Hi there :)

If you hold down CTRL while clicking on files, you can select multiple ones, as well as if you select-drag with your mouse, like you can on the desktop or in folders on your computer 🙌

Maybe an overlooked feature?

10 months ago

CTRL actually working to select one file at the time. But Shift does not select files in between two clicks.

10 months ago

Hold and drag is working. I never tried that! Thanks!

10 months ago

Moving files on a nother hand does not affer multiple file selections. Can we fix this?

10 months ago

Not quite sure what you mean by that, @Peter Pan ? Please elaborate, or if you believe you have found a bug, please report it via our Discord server in the “bugs” channel, or via our live-chat on the website, as this page is only for suggestions.

If it’s something to add to the suggestion, please elaborate :)

10 months ago
Changed the status to
9 months ago