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Add nozzle type to printer tags/settings#64


As a farm manager, I’d like to be able to target the printers with specific types of nozzle to handle abrasive filaments. Probably could go as part of the same UI as the nozzle diameter much like how the material tag shows multiple sub-options (color, material).

I think a list of generic types with the ability to add custom ones like how color works with filament would be great. Something like brass, hardened steel, ruby, diamond, etc.

Then the system could do some warning or limit (with an option to override) the ability to print something like carbon fiber filled on a brass nozzle. Similar to how the system defaults to prevent you from printing a gcode that doesn’t match the temperature settings of the filament currently associated with a printer.

I’m currently using custom tags to do the same, but would be nice if it was just a built-in option.

I could also foresee having individualized nozzle configurations much like filament works today. That way I could track the time between replacements and associate issues with specific nozzles. Then in turn when I associate a nozzle with a printer, its related settings flow into the queue tags and whatnot, again much like the way filament tracking works now.

14 days ago

We did debate adding this, but came to the conclusion that it’s best fit for custom tags for now, as we’d otherwise have to keep up with all the diffent possible nozzle types.

Custol tags are for all these things 🙌

If more people are missing this, we could reconsider, but for now, the stance is that this is one of the very reasons custom tags exists.

14 days ago