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Support STEP files#60


I noticed we can’t upload STEP files. We have a few reasons why we use STEP files instead of STLs so would be great to have what accounts to backup copies of the STEP files in simply print that we keep on our NAS. That way we could make use of the builtin slicer if needed.

17 days ago
Changed the status to
16 days ago

We could quite easily add support for STEP files, and I don’t see why we shouldn’t!

One issue is, that our slicer does not support STEP files at this point, so they’d be in your file system purely to have them with your other files, as they can’t be printed directly, sliced, and probably not previewed by our 3D model viewer either (at least not in its current state).

As a part of our big Bambu Lab integration update, we have fully reworked how we think of files, and not requiring a filetype to fit into one of two boxes; printable and sliceable, so when this is released, it’ll be easy to add.

Thanks for the suggestion!

16 days ago

Woot! thank you!!

16 days ago