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Enable a way to add one file to the queue but each print be a different color#59


As a user I need to print a single part in 3 different colors. I have 3 printers with each color loaded in them. If I add the same file to be printed 3 times I can’t tag them with 1 of each color. So now what I do is add the same file 3 times and then go back into the queue and add a differnt color tag to each one in the queue. What I would rather do is say print this 3 times but only once in each color, or even just print 3 but once on each printer.

17 days ago

This one is a bit tough - in theory, it’s a cool idea, but I can’t envision how this would be solved in practice.

Right now, I’d say; adding the same file to the queue X times to apply different tags would be best, ensuring that each queue job still has a “singular identity”. It would be a lot of work to add a whole extra layer / making tags “dynamic” like that.

From an implementation perspective, this this is not something I can see a sleek solution to, that would be better than simply adding the item 3 times if you want 3 different variants.

Open to ideas on how this could look, of course, but the suggestion could also be pivoted to making it easier to add multiple different variants in one go, so you don’t have to 1) add, 2) modify each item inside the queue, but it could all be in 1 step?

17 days ago

Oh for sure, I’m not tied to any one solution but just how to make the flow better. I’m trying to train less technical folks on the process and I’m just noticing a lot of time spent and errors jumping through this bit of the process. The other concern I have is that I’m submitting something for print which means that if it happens to be the next thing up and I haven’t finished updating the tags, someone else might just go ahead and start printing it, not knowing that it wasn’t ready.

So it could be as simple as a check box that appears after you increase the print count of a single item that asks if you want to create multiple items instead of multiple prints of a single item. Then let you specify the colors and the number of prints of each in like a table of some sort.

16 days ago