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Check gcode and auto populate tags for printing#58


When I export a gcode from prusa slicer, the printer knows when I’m trying to print with the wrong nozzle or filament so somehow the data is there (maybe its parsing the file name). Either way, if Simply Print at least had an option to turn on that would keep me from having to manually add the nozzel and basic filament type that would be a huge (albeit a papercut sized issue) time savings for me.

17 days ago

Hi Kerry,

This is a great idea!

Sometimes, the Gcode file tells us something about the print settings, and other things we can gather from analyzing the file.

This is why we have an extensive Gcode Analysis, that reads through the entire file, with support for over 15 different slicers.

Just from a quick look in a PrusaSlicer-generated Gcode file, the bottom indeed holds some information we could use;

; nozzle_diameter = 0.4
; filament_type = PLA
; filament_colour = #FF8000
; filament_density = 1.24
; filament_diameter = 1.75

Now, I have to curb my excitement for making all the cool features we’re suggested as “Planned”, so we’ll let this one gather some votes first, or wait for our pipeline to have some open slots ;)

17 days ago

No worries, I understand what it means to plan to do something in a sprint one day in the grand future :) User stories are so much easier than engineer time!

16 days ago