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Show actual printer error#54

Printers like Prusa i3s show a description of what went wrong when a thermistor goes bad e.g. : “MINTEMP” or “MINTEMP BED” or “PRINTFAN ERROR”

SP could check the log and actually display this message so that it’s easy to know what part you have to change without having to ssh into specific RPI and check logs.

23 days ago

yeah that would be nice

23 days ago

We’re looking into this! Would indeed be super cool.

In theory, we should actually already be receiving firmware issue messages when available, when a print job is cancelled due to firmware shut down… But I think it might be broken in our OctoPrint plugin!

@Jneilliii and I are looking into it, but if anyone have some OctoPrint serial logs where the firmware issues such as “MINTEMP” etc. are present, we’d love to receive them so we can test, as we need the full string that the printer sends to OctoPrint before shutting down.

We’ll keep you posted on our progress 🙌

16 days ago