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Preventive Maintenance Schedule#21


Ability to create and maintain a PM list for printers. ie Cleaning, replacing nozzle, bearings, or other components.

8 months ago
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8 months ago

Hi there :)

This is actually an already-planned feature! 🙌

What’s planned is that we can monitor your printer usage (by online time, run time etc.), giving you tasks such as “Tighten belt”, as well as manually schedule your own maintenance for a printer, making it so you (or anyone else) can’t start a print on a printer if the print overlaps with a scheduled maintenance (which can be a 1-off schedule, or weekly, monthly, yearly etc.).

We’ve had the mockup and basic idea since 2021 actually, we just haven’t gotten around to it just yet, but it’s making its way up the pipeline, and it won’t be long now :)

8 months ago
Merged Printer Issue & Changes Log#52
6 months ago