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Make Simplyprint turn on my printer via HomeAssistant#207

Hi there, I am using a creality K1C running simpliprint via klipper. On a raspberry in my home network I have running home assistant and the plug my K1C turns off automatically when the wattage drops below 20 W. I wish simplyprint was able to connect to home assistant and turn on the plug

a month ago

@Einstein_79 You cant actually do that, by manually connecting your homeassistant plug to fluidd/mainsail/moonraker and then just enabling it in simplyprint (you may have to get another guide, this is just what i “assumed” of their website’s docu and the klipper/moonraker docu) would still be cool if this was and plugin though would make things so much easier and potentally enable light support for your printer

24 days ago