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Filament holder with weight measurement#206


I once had a filament holder with a scale in the testing and prototyping phase. Maybe it would be a good idea to implement such a holder with wifi and the ability to assign it to a specific machine and send the current weight of the spool that is on it. If we add to this RFID stickers which cost pennies and a chip on this holder, we can easily simplify the management of the filament warehouse. Such stickers can be self-programmed with a phone using an application where you specify the type of spool and initial weight. Thanks to this, for example, we do not need to tare the scale to subtract the weight of an empty spool. My version had a display where you could manage different filaments so that the weight of the spool was subtracted from the data stored in the device’s memory.
The topic is heavily developed and presented in a very simplified psos way.
What do you think about it?

16 days ago