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Printed button on print queue#188


Lets say I print a print via direct sd card but it is still in my print queue on simply print, it would be nice to have a button for printed to add to the statistics instead of just deleting it.

11 days ago

While I understand the sentiment, this won’t be something we’ll be adding to SimplyPrint.

We had this discussion internally a while back, but ultimately decided to not add items to the print history, that came from outside sources. One exception may be an “Import” feature at some point, but from a technical standpoint, we have designed the platform to be quite dependant on the feedback from the printer during the print.

This is why we have already added something similar to what you’re asking for here; the “Virtual print queue”. You can create a print queue group, that is marked as “Virtual”. When a print group is virtual, instead of printing and slicing, you simply “Mark as finished”. This way, it’ll be tracked in the print queue, and users can still upload their files, even for printers that we don’t or can’t support directly.

The idea is, that SD cards should pretty much be obsolete as soon as you start using SimplyPrint - sure, in random cases if, if we (for some reason) were offline for a while (though, as our status page indicates, we don’t tend to be), printing via SD card may be needed, but in this case, the item would need to be deleted in the print queue.

So, while we usually don’t “shoot down” ideas, until they have been stale on the suggestion board for a while, we also like to make our stance be known, our reasoning, and thoughts, to not give false hope, and maybe to shine some light on why this isn’t a thing yet.

That said, we’ll keep the suggestion open - if it becomes popular enough, we may of course have to reconsider our stance on this.

Thanks for taking the time to post suggestions! Don’t let this scare you from sharing your thoughts; keep em’ coming - it’s how we ensure we’re not just developing what _we_ like, but rather what the community wants.

11 days ago