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Farm dashboard: quick info, farm stats, queue info, printers & more - maybe#182

We’re thinking of how we could create a “Dashboard” page. The dream is of course to be able to 100% customize it, pick a bunch of different widgets, place them wheverever you’d like, resize them etc. etc….

But, for starters; a static dashboard with a set of widgets - maybe toggleable.

So, we’re looking for feedback from farms & schools; what would you like this dashboard to show?

Our ideas are;

  • Printer status, like the top cards on the “Printers” page, showing you how many printers are running, when the next one is finished and so on
  • Queue status: quick overview of how many items are left in your queue, how long it’d take to print them all
  • Quick statistics cards & graphs: maybe filament usage, prints per day, queue items in backlog per day
  • For when the maintenance overview is live (#21), next scheduled maintenance or “Printers to check up on”

Specifically for schools (probably?);

  • Amount of engaged students past [X] days (students who started prints or added to the print queue)

So, print farms & schools of SimplyPrint, feedback and ideas are very welcome. This is not something we’ll start doing right away, but we’d like to get the conversation started and slowly build up a project description and concept art for the UI.

11 days ago
Changed the status to
11 days ago

When Shopify integration is live, a widget that had # of orders today, $ of orders today would be cool.

11 days ago

We previously used OctoFarm to manage our printers, but since we’ve moved to Bambu Labs printers, we haven’t had a good dashboard to see all of them in place. Most important for us would be printer status (current file, percentage done, estimated time left, current temps) and errors/alerts. It would also be nice to have an image from the printer’s camera to give a visual update of how the printer is doing.

11 days ago

@Nomascus I don’t know if you’re a SimplyPrint user yet, or if you’re awaiting the Bambu Lab beta release, but if you already use SimplyPrint; is there anything that we currently don’t cover on our “Printers” page, where we show all the printers, percentage done, time left, current temps, etc., that you’d wanna see covered on a more generic “Dashboard” page?

11 days ago

I’m in the “awaiting the Bambu Lab beta release” category so perhaps your printers page already takes care of what we need.

11 days ago

I love the idea, I created the suggestion of integrating with Dakboard as I would also like to display calendar and forecasting information too. So if you could hook the dashboard into something like Google Calendar that would be great.

My preferences would be:

  1. Printer status (activity, whicch file, time left, cost etc).
  2. Past 30 day stats.
  3. Maintenance forecast (when implimented).
  4. Calendar/Forecasting.
  5. Current queue stats, time to complete etc.
10 days ago