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AutoPrint - time or temperature#173


It would be nice if there is time limit to reach target temperature - like - start bed cleaning when temperature is below xC or after x seconds

21 days ago

Hi Piotr :)

Could you shine some more light on how you see this helping improve the general AutoPrint experience?

What problem does it solve, to combine the 2 settings we currently have? In your case, are the 2 existing ones not enough?

I can imagine that in the case where the target temp. is ~25 degrees, but on a particularly hot day, the temperature of the printer room may be 26+ degrees - is this the case for you?

Currently, we have safeguards in place for this during the setup of AutoPrint, where we’ll warn you if the temperature you have selected, is below the median “ambient temperature” we’re recording for your printer (idle temperature) - but if the ambient temperature changes hereafter, it will indeed not update (though it will show the warning in the AutoPrint widget).

Would a setting saying “Clear & start next print when the bed is [x degrees above ambient temperature]“ do the trick too?

Just trying to fully understand the use-case, and what problem we’re looking to solve here. AutoPrint is an area where there’s a lot of stuff we’d love to add, and we do want to improve it, so suggestions are very welcome!

20 days ago

Hi Albert,

Temperature in my space is not stable during day and night. During hot day temperature may be around 30C, when during night below 20.

The target is for example 25C, but when the target temperature is not met for, lets say, 20 min i want to start next print anyway

Not sure if printer can measure room temperature - mostly bed or nozzle temp

20 days ago

By room temperature/ ambient temp, we indeed just look at the bed temperature of the printer, over a period of a couple of minutes; if it doesn’t fluctuate too much, and no target temperature is set, we deem it the ambient temp for the printer. Just to clarify :)

Thanks for elaborating! That’s what I suspected.

I’m somewhat more personally a fan of the “Start when it reaches X degrees over ambient temp”, as that’s pretty much the same as saying “If it’s extra hot today, maybe we’ll start at 26 degrees, another day may be 22”, ensuring it’s always as cold as the bed can really get. We could also simplify it even more, and say “When ambient temp is reached”, with no offset. This way, you don’t lose precious time not printing - which is what AutoPrint is all about - and waiting X minutes on hot days.

20 days ago

I think i could give it a try :)

‘Start when it reaches X degrees over ambient temp’ looks good, thanks

20 days ago

I’ll see what we can do :)

Maybe it should have a few options; also a “Minimum”. So “Start when [x] degrees over ambient, or when it goes below [y] degrees”. So if it’s cold, and you’d like to clear the bed at ~25 degrees usually, you don’t have to wait for the target to reach 22 degrees if the ambient of the day is 20 or lower.

Looking into it - I like this suggestion!

20 days ago