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Pop-up window size#166


Could the pop-up window that comes up after a finished print to show the print has been removed be smaller or have the confirm button at the top of the page. At present I make all the selection (good/bad print and print removed) but then have to scroll down to confirm. Only an issue on my laptop but slightly irritating. Thanks

a month ago

I do get your point - and it’s about to get even worse for Bambu Lab users with the AMS, as this further adds a potential warning about “Unconfident material mappings” and “Print start options”.

We could make the “Good / Bad” buttons a bit smaller, and remove some excess space and margins, to hopefully bring down the height, so that scrolling isn’t required to clear the bed.

We’re also experimenting with different forms of shortcuts, like holding SHIFT while clicking the “Print removed?” button, to instantly clear, and skip the popup (and perhaps a keyboard shortcut to bring up the popup(s) too!)

Though it seems like a smaller suggestion on the list - which includes some big ones - we’re committed to get rid of these “slighly irritating” frictions when using the platform - so, your feedback is much appreciated!

a month ago