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Different views on the filament page to condense information#165

As more and more filament rolls get tracked on the system it soon means that the view on the filament page gets very crowded and lots of scrolling is required to view all of the rolls of filament. I know you can filter by material, colur etc but having the ability to change how the information is presented would be great.

I would love to see the ability to use different views like you can on the printers page. Something like the ubiquitous Grid View, Compact View and List View.

That would make it easier for farm owners or anyone with lots of filament rolls to be able to see all of their filament rolls and customise how they view the filament page.

a month ago

In addition to the above comment; an export button would be amazing for the filaments. I would also like to add that having the filament in a list view or spreadsheet style would be amazing.

4 days ago