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Dual extruder single nozzle support/tool selection#150


Hello Everyone! 😄

I recently inquired about manually switching between tools on a Creality CR-X dual extruder printer with a single nozzle. Albert mentioned that currently, this feature isn’t available, and he suggested submitting a suggestion through the suggestion box.

I believe adding a manual tool change option to the control panel for dual extruder printers would be a valuable feature for users like me. This could enhance the user experience and provide more flexibility during printing.

A workaround until the manual tool change feature is potentially implemented, is to use the Pro plan’s ‘Filament Change’ function.

Side suggestion would be to remove dual extruder single nozzle printers in the compatible printers list or at least note this limitation.
At least intill this change is implemented or untill basic features does not require a paid plan.

Please consider this suggestion, and if you find it beneficial, encourage other users to upvote it.

a month ago

Also the Creality CR-X is only set up with tool 0 when adding the printer. IE. the user manually have to add the second extruder(tool 1) and check the “extruder share nozzle” checkmark box. This might be because of missing features like manual tool change, but i thought i would add it anyways 😅

a month ago