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RFID tag support for filament spools#132


Support for filament spools that contain RFID tag in addition to or in combination with the QR code. The ability to assign an RFID tag to any aleady existing spool.

3 months ago

This honestly would be extremely helpful. To have an ability for it to read the NFC to see what filament you are working with.

3 months ago

So, we actually had - and probably still do, deep down in the app - have NFC/RFID support for spools!

It’s an idea we’ve loved since day 1, and some brands like lostboyslab and add:north have been helping develop a pilot program for this, shipping their spools with NFC tags.

The issue is, that there’s a lack of any kind of standard when it comes to this… Now Bambu does it in one way, some do it another way, but most don’t do it at all.

So, right now, the cost to develop this, so that it supports most brands equally, is too great, considering not many brands ship with NFC tags yet.

What we’d like to do here, is to be in closer contact with the filament manufacturers, and perhaps try and make an open source standard for this, so it’s universal, not per-brand, and not even just for SimplyPrint.

It’s not entirely unrealistic, but it’s not officially on the roadmap at the moment either.

I’m personally a big fan of NFC chips, and the extra layer they bring with their UUIDs - an upcoming integration is (, which is very NFC-based - and perhaps this integration could be the gateway to more widespread NFC support.

We’ll keep you posted. Thanks for suggesting :)

3 months ago

Maybe just custom/user generated tags that we can write and install ourselves for a start 🙏🏻
Possibly bound to the filament QR codes so it’s the same code/filament wherever it is scanned😅

2 months ago

That would be amazing!

11 days ago
Merged Automatic RFID spool system#181
11 days ago